Key Employee Retention and Retirement

Protect your income, not just your job

401K Plan
Plan retiro e inversión

Behind every great life is an excellent policy.

Retirement is something you and most people do not think after it is too late to make a difference. You have to plan for the future to enjoy our golden years with pride and independence.  Our team can answer any questions, and we're here to find you a plan that fits your budget and needs.

Dickson & Serra will help you find a 401k, the most popular employer-sponsored retirement plan designed for private companies. Beneficiaries can make pretax contributions, and Employers may choose to match their participants' contributions.  To learn more about 401K plans, send us your questions here.

Dental Coverage Plan
Coberturas Dental

Your health is too vital to leave to chance.

Good oral health is essential for work and your personal life. Dental disease can be catastrophic for you and your finances. Suppose your Medical Insurance does not cover dental. In that case, you could get a very high bill, or worse, unable to afford your dental disease. Our team has answers to your problems, and we're here to find you a solution that fits your specific situation.

Dickson & Serra offers you dental insurance with benefits for various services, with no networks, deductibles, or precertification requirements. The best dental insurance is not the one with the lowest price but covers you the best. You should be aware that many companies do not consider oral health in their health insurance offerings; this is usually a standalone product or coverage. We have a variety of dental health insurance for you. To learn more about Dental Coverage plans, send us your questions here.

Employees Group Health Plans
Employees Group Health Plans

Let us help you see what's possible

A healthy team member runs a healthy business. As the owner, you need to provide healthcare for your employees to have a more productive staff at work. A sick team member with no insurance will go to work sick and infect the rest of their co-workers, leaving you with a catastrophic event that may affect the future of your company. Providing health insurance helps to avoid this situation.  Our team can answer your questions, and we're here to find you a solution that fits your specific situation.

Dickson & Serra's collaboration with healthcare providers means we can deliver quality and affordable care for your employees across our large national networks. We will help you and help your employees find the proper accessibility, choices, and cost savings—Health plans and group benefits for small businesses. Plans for under 100 employees are available. We offer whole-person health plans for smaller companies with 25-99 employees; Comprehensive support includes medical, pharmacy, and behavioral coverage.  To learn more about Employees Group Health plans, send us your questions here.

Key Employee Retirement
Seguros de jubilación dueño de Negocio

Protect your income, not just your job

Dickson & Serra helps you find the right Key Employee Retirement plan that best fulfills your needs. We understand you need detailed information to make the right choice, and that's why our team helps you navigate the different options that may fit your needs.

The Key Employee Retirement plan meets S corporation owners' needs to ensure they have enough income for retirement. This bonus plan provides death benefit protection and tax leverage without contribution limits or restrictions on compensation. The tax leverage comes with using life insurance to finance the policy rather than a tax code provision. Also, Estate and Inheritance Planning, preparing, and having the right solutions in place, can help diminish the impact of taxes and costs while maximizing distributions to heirs, third parties, or charity. To learn more about Key Employee Retirement plans, send us your questions here.

Vision Plan
Planes de Visión

For a better life

You notice your Vision is not as good as before, but your medical insurance does not cover Vision. Our team can answer your questions, and we're here to find you a solution that fits your specific situation.

Dickson & Serra knows that Vision and dental insurance are considered supplemental insurance since Medical insurance generally does not cover benefits related to ophthalmology. Vision care coverage provides benefits for routine eye exams. Depending on the plan and providers, it may offer frames, lenses, or contact lenses. We can help you find the Vision Plans you need. To learn more about Vision plans, send us your questions here.

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Income Protection

Protección de Ingreso

Owner Retirement

Jubilación del propietario