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Find yourself better off in the long run.

After working hard all of your life, you deserve to enjoy your golden years with your loved ones. For that, you need a plan tailored to your needs and your budget. You need to navigate all the different options, and you need help. Our experts work with you to give you a choice that better suits your budget and needs.

Dickson & Serra’s team of experts knows how to navigate the policy networks and find the choices from where you’ll pick your policy. The plans work as follows. From the date of purchase of the retirement pension, you will make a periodically fixed payment. When your income stops in retirement, you start to regularly earn a stable income from your retirement plan. Often these plans also offer life insurance coverage.  To learn more about Retirement Plans, send us your questions here.

401K Plan
Plan retiro e inversión

Behind every great life is an excellent policy.

Retirement is something you and most people do not think after it is too late to make a difference. You have to plan for the future to enjoy our golden years with pride and independence.  Our team can answer any questions, and we're here to find you a plan that fits your budget and needs.

Dickson & Serra will help you find a 401k, the most popular employer-sponsored retirement plan designed for private companies. Beneficiaries can make pretax contributions, and Employers may choose to match their participants' contributions.  To learn more about 401K plans, send us your questions here.

Traditional IRA & Roth IRA
Traditional IRA & Roth IRA

Protect your income, not just your job

You are thinking about better preparing for the future and have questions about IRAs and how to obtain a plan. Our team can answer any question, and we're here to find you a plan that fits your specific situation.

Dickson & Serra's extensive network gives us the ability to find you the best plan. Traditional IRAs offer the critical advantage of tax-deferred growth, meaning you won't pay taxes on your untaxed earnings or contributions until you're required to start taking distributions at age 72. With Traditional IRAs, you make deposits with money you could deduct on your tax return, and any profits can potentially grow tax-deferred until you withdraw them in retirement. There are several options for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). The key features of all IRA accounts: FDIC Insured - Up to $ 250,000 per depositor.  To learn more about IRA plans, send us your questions here.


We all have a future. Make sure it's secure.

When you are saving for retirement or looking for ways to build retirement income, annuities can play an essential role in your plans. These coverages offer tax-deferred growth, flexible income benefit options, and guaranteed death benefits. And you can use them to create a constant and guaranteed income stream during retirement.

Our team at Dickson & Serra is ready for your questions and eager to help you find a solution.  Some of the features of these plans are; Fixed Annuities, used to Avoid market volatility while providing a fixed rate of return. Income Annuities offer you guaranteed income now or in the future and potential market growth with Premium protection.

Variable Annuities provide you with potential investment growth in the market and options to create guaranteed income. To learn more about Annuities, send us your questions here.

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